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ISTEP Testing through May 6

Tips for parents to help their child do well on the tests:  Make sure your child gets plenty of rest the night(s) before the test(s).  On the morning of the test, your child needs to get up in plenty of time so he/she won’t feel rushed.  Students need a good dinner the night before and a good breakfast for the added thinking power and energy required to take the test. Make sure they eat before they leave for school in the morning.  Do as much as you can to make your child feel comfortable. Try not to say things to make him/her feel more nervous.  Reassure your child that no matter the outcome of the test, you will still love him/her. Encourage them to simply do their best.

Test Taking Tips for Students: 
Read the question before you look at the answers.
Eliminate answers you know aren't right.
If you do not know the answer, make a smart guess and select an answer.
Mark your answers carefully.
Make sure you work at a pace that will give you enough time to finish the test.  If you have time left, go back and check your answers. 


USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Welcome to the Home of the Crusaders!

Holy Cross School, established in 1929, is one of the oldest Catholic elementary schools in Indiana.  Founded by the Congregation of Holy Cross, the school was built even before the church building was established.  The Holy Cross priests and brothers recognized the importance of a school in their new parish.  Holy Cross School was to be a place where faith could be taught, nurtured, and practiced freely.  For over 75 years Holy Cross School has endured and prospered, standing as a testimony to the faith, hope, and courage of 'west side' South Bend immigrants.

Today within a culture that often seems to glorify violence, encourage greed, and promote self-indulgence, it is more important than ever to offer an alternative education experience to our children.  At Holy Cross School, our children are taught that they have a responsibility to respect all human life, care for the less fortunate, and be stewards of God's many gifts.

Math Competition 4-13-164th grade water safety 4-13-16Snake visit to Early Childhood classes 4-14-16Rum Village / Snake visit 4-14-16Young Author's Conference at St. Joe HighJumprope for Heart Winner 4-20165th grade students springtime fun
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Holy Cross School Office
1020 Wilber St.
South Bend, IN 46628

Phone (574) 234-3422
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What's Happening at Holy Cross

Barnaby's Pizza Coupons

$10.00 coupons for sale at SCRIP, parish and school offices. $10.00 each ($20.00 value) for one large 3-item pizza.  ONLY at the Grape Road location.  Coupons are good until June 1, 2016 

Mission Statement

exists for one purpose:
To give glory to God
through the total education
 of each Holy Cross student!

Vision Statement
Holy Cross Catholic School provides quality education in the Roman Catholic tradition to students of all faiths through the development of spirit, mind, and body. We value the diversity of our students and provide a firm spiritual, academic, and social foundation upon which they can build their future.
Belief Statements

We believe Catholic education includes formation in Christian justice, global awareness, and opportunities to serve the larger community. We believe Catholic Education invites each child to develop a personal relationship with Christ by receiving a foundation in the doctrines and practices of the Roman Catholic faith.

We believe that the parents/guardians are the primary educators of their children.

We believe that every child should experience spiritual, academic, and physical growth each day.

We believe each student is unique and should receive an education suited to his or her personal growth patterns.

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