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Grades 1-2 Curriculum

Children build a relationship with God through prayer, service and study.  Second graders focus on their spiritual growth and maturity as they prepare for Spring First Reconciliation and First Communion. All students attend a weekly Mass at 8:15 on Fridays, as well as Holy Days. Parents are invited to attend these student led Masses and enjoy our Junior High Choir. Students also participate in Adoration and Reconciliation services throughout the year.

Language Arts
A Four Blocks curriculum is used which integrates the study of writing, phonics, guided reading and self selected reading. Students use a 6 1 Writing Traits curriculum and participate in Junior Great Books discussions.

Math is studied using a combination of problem solving and computation. Memorization of facts is practiced using daily practice.  The students also use hands-on manipulatives for concrete learning.

Science and Social Studies
Through the study of science and social studies the students learn about how their daily life connects to the world around them.  Hands-on experiences are emphasized in order to enhance the curriculum.

Daily homework reinforces what is taught in school

Primary Philosophy

The Primary Grades are taught by a team of caring licensed teachers.  The emphasis in the classroom is on hands-on learning.  Students' independent needs can be met through a variety of services and teaching strategies. Their curriculum follows the Indiana State Standards. 

Read more about the Indiana State Standards>>

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