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Grades 6-8 Curriculum

There is a lot of wisdom in our Catholic Church community especially when you consider its almost 2000 years of experience!  The strengths our Religion program include: presentation of sound Catholic Doctrine; religious ideas and practices that are presented in an understandable language that will help students “know and do” our Catholic Faith; and the invitation to follow Jesus throughout the student's life as a member of a family and community of faith. There are many opportunities for community service throughout the year. All students attend a weekly All School Mass at 8:15 on Fridays, as well as Holy Days. Parents are invited to attend these student led Masses and enjoy our Junior High Choir. Students also participate in Adoration and Reconciliation services throughout the year.

Language Arts
In order to be successful in today's world, students must be able to read a wide range of texts.  Holy Cross students read  novels, poems, essays, plays, and study film.  They are encouraged to search  for texts that speak to them; to set goals to improve their reading skills; and to write in order to discover that they really think about the texts in relation to the world around them.  The students approach literature using several types of reading experiences including  reading workshop and literature circles.

Writing is taught through participation in a writing workshop - writing  for real purposes and real audiences, experimenting through all genres, focusing on the Six Traits of Effective Writing.  Grammar, mechanics, usage, and spelling are taught inside, outside and alongside all writing activities.  Students work on a junior high newspaper, participate in Junior Great Books discussions, and submit writing to publications and writing contests.

The Junior High math program is very dynamic.  The students discover that math is relevant, exciting, and rewarding.  The program demonstrates where and when math is used in the real world, and how important it can be.  The curriculum is supplemented and enriched with inquiry-based and problem solving activities.  Math is a participation “sport” and students can be successful only through practice, practice, practice.

Social Studies
The Social Studies curriculum uses an interdisciplinary approach, pulling from literature, music, and architecture to help students immerse themselves in a variety of cultures and historic eras. The sixth grade explores the key historic movements, events, and figures that contributed to the development of the modern European and American nations from early civilizations to early modern times.  The seventh grade  curriculum  provides the opportunity to study the regions, nations, governments, and cultures of Africa, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Oceania.  The eighth grade considers the birth and expansion of the United States of America beginning with the French and Indian War and concluding with the years following the United States' Civil War.

Science is everywhere and in everything we do! We are all scientists in one way or another as we wonder why things happen or work the way they do.  To help answer the “whys”, students are given an opportunity to strengthen and expand their knowledge in the three major science content areas- physical science, life science, and earth science.  Inquiry based activities and labs, plus projects, help to encourage the use of problemsolving strategies and to develop critical thinking skills.  At the same time, multiple learning styles are used to help meet the needs of the students.

Junior High Philosophy

The Holy Cross Junior High adheres to a middle school model.  A team of six caring teachers who are licensed in their subject area lead the students through a course of study that follows the Indiana State Standards.

Read more about the Indiana State Standards>>

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