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Academic Exellence

I know from experience the many talented teachers who demonstrate their commitment to excellence in the classroom. They are professional educators who challenge, inspire and engage young minds. Holy Cross School prepares students for future academic success.”

Scott G. Thomas, M.D.
Director of Trauma Services, Memorial Hospital.

Lifelong Friendship

My Holy Cross class was very close. I attended Holy Cross all the way from preschool through eighth grade, and many of my best friends today are people that I first met here. Through sports at Holy Cross I learned the discipline necessary for success in high school.”

Alex Gill, Class of '96.

Music & the Arts

Boys and girls deserve exposure to the arts at a young age. The children of today are the poets, artists and singers of tomorrow. Holy Cross School supports dreams by providing the necessary tools to achieve them.“

Susan Visser, Executive Director South Bend Regional Museum of Art.


Holy Cross School gave me an opportunity in life, and I wanted my children to experience the same thing. Holy Cross School was the only choice for me and my family.”

Sgt. Mark Kovacs, Class of '69
St. Joseph County Sheriff Department

Dedicated Faculty

Our daughter was an early reader when she entered first grade. The teachers at Holy Cross did a great job keeping her challenged and growing."

Collin Meissner
Notre Dame Professor

Rose Meissner
President, Community Foundation of St. Joseph County.


My children are closer to God because of Holy Cross School. They bring Jesus into our daily lives and recognize God's power of creation in things like flowers, trees, and rain.”

Santiago Flores
News Photographer


Why Holy Cross School? We love the ethnic and socio-economic diversity that mirrors real life!”

Bob Mundy
Admissions Officer, University of Notre Dame

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